Two tips for hiring a nanny

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If you need to hire a nanny to look after your child, here are some tips which should make the hiring process a little easier:

Use the services of a nanny agency

One of the best ways to make the process of hiring a nanny quick and easy is to use the services of a nanny agency in your local area.

A nanny agency will take care of a lot of the more challenging and time-consuming elements of the hiring process. For example, most agencies of this kind will perform thorough background checks to ensure that the nannies who join them hold the right qualifications, have good references and do not have criminal records.

This can spare you the hassle of performing these checks yourself and will ensure that you don't end up wasting your time hiring someone who does not have the qualifications or experience you require.

While using the services of a nanny agency will, of course, cost money, it could potentially spare you a lot of stress and make it considerably easier for you to find a reliable and trustworthy nanny to care for your child.

Do a 'test run'

Before offering the job to a specific person that the nanny agency has put you in touch with, it's a good idea to do a 'test run' with that person; that is, to have them look after your child, in your presence, for a few hours.

This will enable you to observe their behaviour and performance before you agree to hire them. It will also give your child a chance to see if they like and feel comfortable around that particular person.

During this experience, there are several things you should watch out for. Firstly, they should arrive on time and look presentable (i.e., be wearing clean clothes that do not smell of, for example, cigarette smoke).

Secondly, they should make an effort to actively engage with your child, instead of simply sitting passively nearby while your child plays.

Last but not least, they should communicate with your child in a positive, enthusiastic and kind manner, and demonstrate patience if your child gets cranky or has a tantrum.

This 'test run' could save you a lot of time and money in the long run, by ensuring that you don't end up hiring a nanny who isn't a good fit for your family (a mistake which would mean that you would have to start the hiring process all over again).