How to Land A Corporate Sponsorship

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Helping children learn faster is a big challenge faced by tutors in the education and development sector. Therefore, to cope with this problem, the tutors are developing new ways to help growing children learn faster. One major development made is the use of dogs that help the children to learn reading effectively. The children read aloud to the dog improving their reading capabilities. Although this is an advantage, availability of funds to promote this project is a major setback. For this reason, the sector has opted to seek corporate sponsorship. 

Corporate sponsorship is a type of advertising where major companies pay so that they can be associated with the project they have donated funds. There are several corporate donation opportunities available in the corporate world. Dog sponsorship is one of them. For one to get this sponsorship, they must consider the following;

Prospects identification

The first step is identifying the companies that can be targeted as sponsors. The best kinds are the ones that fit well with your objectives. Since the education sector is big, finding the person with the right connections could prove to be the best option. Another way of identifying sponsors is looking at who is sponsoring your competitors in other institutions. This will help you get a general idea of what is expected. After identifying the company, the best way to contact them is by phone to submit your proposal.

Sponsor preferences

In order to win a sponsor, one must be able to speak their language. Basically, you have to consider the benefits the sponsor will get once they accept to fund the project. Corporate sponsors will be looking to gain profits by gaining new customers, promoting their brand and also getting to have new businesses. To understand their intentions, listen more to what they have to say, including what they list as their priorities. After this, show them why it is the right decision to sponsor you.

Placing a considerable offer

After the above considerations, the proposal you submit is vital. Make sure that within the proposal you have sold the right advantages to the sponsor. Make a list of what you can do for the sponsor, and make it look like you are both winning. There are several things you can do for the corporate sponsor:

  • Advertise their brand
  • Review the product they are selling to your audience
  • Give away their product to parents in your audience

With this steps well accomplished, you will most likely get the right corporate sponsor for the dogs that will be used by the children.