Swim Lessons: 4 Things You Will Learn

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If you are interested in swimming but don't know how to do it, you should consider signing up for swim lessons. Swim lessons can teach you everything you need to know about swimming, from properly swimming strokes to staying safe in the water. Read on to discover five things you will learn during swim lessons.

1. How to Float on Your Back

One of the initial things you will learn how to do in swim lessons is how to float on your back. This might seem like an easy thing, but wait until you actually try it out. By floating on your back, you are putting yourself in a position where all of the water is supporting your body weight. Knowing how to float on your back is a vital skill if you need to conserve energy when in the water.

2. How to Tread Water

Treading water means staying afloat in one location by using your arms and legs to keep your head above water. Your swim teacher will instruct you to gently kick your legs and sweep your arms through the water as you tread water.

3. How to Do A Flip Turn

Another thing you will learn during your swim lessons is how to do a flip turn. A flip turn involves rotating 180 degrees as you reach the end of the pool so your feet hit the wall so you can push off again to complete your next length of the pool. This is a vital skill if swimming freestyle interests you. You must have reasonable body control and momentum when turning around underwater to make this move successfully. 

4. How to Dive Into The Pool

Along with learning how to do a flip turn, you should also dive into the pool properly. Diving is something that most people don't take seriously, and jump headfirst without using their arms or legs. However, diving properly will ensure that your body does not hit the bottom of the pool and then go shooting up toward the surface, which can cause injury and can result in water splashing everywhere. It would help if you always started by doing a standing dive until you feel comfortable enough to make a running approach before diving headfirst into the water.

If you would like to find out more, you should speak with a swim instructor today. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.